After sometime, the important jewels and silverwares of tall class, can become goods of family to jealously guard.

But of generation in generation, dust, pollution and daily usury, they contribute to darken the brightness of the precious stones and to opacify of it, the surface in gold or silver.

The type of transformation that an ancient jewel it is unbelievable, it can have when it's submitted to an action of restauration. At times it is necessary to restore the hulling of the stones. to effect a delicate welding on consumed jaws, that could cause the loss of a stone. Or to polish up the surface, to recompose a sketch, threading the pearls and when the object is broken, to mend it with weldings to the Laser or using, special glues.

All operations that bring the jewels or the objects of house to their ancient shine.
And so precious objects, abandoned in a drawer as "heirlooms" to preserve with affection, they become again splendid jewels, worthy of to be worn with satisfaction or objects by to be able to expose.

The Jewellery ALMONDO, has also Tools of Epoch, with which restuarations and reparations, can be effected respecting the same workmanships of the past.

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