Jewels on Sketch, True Unique Pieces.

Do you look for who succeeds in putting in practice, your jewels on sketch? Do you want to see realized one creation of yours departing from an idea? Do you desire the sketch for then to realize a jewel?

Us of the Jewellery ALMONDO, has a long tradition in the field of the goldsmith Art and we is constantly adjourned, on the new tendencies in the field of the jewelry and the goldsmith. We use the best Raw Material (Gold, Silver, precious Stones and hard Stones) and the best Techniques always adjourned, available on the Market.

This makes to understand that we succeed, to realize your dream, the idea that he makes subject.

Only a goldsmith's Company  succeeds in giving you a jewel, beginning from the sketch that it's able to represent you. The goldsmith's Art has deep roots and distant traditions and the ability in to realize some jewels on sketch, he is not able certain to improvise.

The professionalism and the seriousness that it countersigns our Firm, are able to guarantee you on the result: a believer realization of the unique piece that commissions us, your idea turned into jewel.

We can follow our Clients, in the various phases of the creation, of jewels on sketch:

° from the just rough idea, to the specific applications
° from the sketch, to the three-dimensional model in wax, of the jewel
° from a desire of uniqueness, to the faithful reproduction

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