The Family Almondo works in the sector of the goldsmith and the silverware, from the last decades of the 1800s.
To the beginnings of last century, the factory was situated to Turin, in the Maria Vittoria Street and in 1923 it moved him to the actual Headquarter, of 3 Cavour Street always in Turin.

The marketing of the products of the best brands, is combined for a long time to the creation of jewels and silvers of own conception.
Thanks to follow him of three generations, the Jewellery ALMONDO is able to unite with experience the tradition to the innovation, paying attention both to the classical one and to the modern design and the most interesting novelties, present in the field of the jewelry (seeking and giving space, also to the artistic and handicraft creations).

A specialty is the threading of the pearls and the hard stones, with which you/they can be realized, also of the fabrics.
The goldsmith's Workshop of the Jewellery ALMONDO, effects restauration and reparation of jewels, precious personalized creations and incisions on gold and silver.

The deep knowledge of the techniques of the sector goldsmith and silverware, combined to a total control of the costs, it makes also possible to guarantee a good relationship quality price.
Our philosophy is to offer creations for personal use and for the dearest people, unique in its kind, to become unforgettable.

We are able to offer precious objects of good quality, in a wide range of prices.